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Rapidly transform high-volume, disconnected data into trusted and actionable business insights with scalable enterprise data quality

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Enterprise data quality built for business

Trillium Quality is a versatile, powerful data quality solution that supports your rapidly changing business needs, data sources, and enterprise infrastructures – including the cloud.

With data cleansing and standardization features, you’re able to automatically understand global data like customer, product, and financial, in any context – making pre-formatting and pre-processing unnecessary. That means more of your valuable time and resources are freed up to focus on other crucial business initiatives.

Trillium Quality services deploy in batch or in real-time, on-premises or in the cloud, using the same rule sets and standards across an unlimited number of applications and systems. Open APIs let you seamlessly connect to custom and third-party applications, while controlling and managing data quality services centrally from one location.

In addition, you can apply global verification rules built from local, country-by-country databases, and apply the appropriate country’s postal rules to clean and correct name and address data.

Delivering a 360-degree view of your customers and more

Successful business is built on loyal customers, but customer information is often limited, flawed, out-of-date, or held in different systems.

To support effective customer engagement, it’s critical to have best-in-class data quality processes that standardize, cleanse, and match this data – that’s what Trillium Quality delivers. By integrating customer information across your organization and applying these processes to global records, you gain the most accurate, real-time view of customers.

By providing fit-for-purpose customer information, Trillium Quality helps you:

  • Drive more targeted omni-channel campaigns
  • Gain deeper, more valuable customer insights
  • Create the personalized experiences your customers expect

This same technology can be applied to any data entity in your enterprise – to build a true 360-degree view of your partners, suppliers, or even parts and products.

To learn more, read our eBook – Exceeding Expectations: Four Ways Data Quality Promotes Customer Loyalty


Faster ROI
Get your machine learning and advanced analytics initiatives off to a fast, successful start
Operational efficiency
Perform data quality processes faster and at scale to help meet critical service level agreements
CRM Integration
Integrate with Microsoft Dynamics & SAP to validate your CRM data
Cloud Deployment
Deploy in the cloud, and we’ll manage the infrastructure

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