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Rapidly transform high-volume, disconnected data into trusted and actionable business insights with scalable enterprise data quality

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Enterprise data quality built for business

Trillium Quality is a versatile, powerful data quality solution that supports your rapidly changing business needs, data sources, and enterprise infrastructures – including the cloud.

With data cleansing and standardization features, you’re able to automatically understand global data like customer, product, and financial, in any context – making pre-formatting and pre-processing unnecessary. That means more of your valuable time and resources are freed up to focus on other crucial business initiatives.

The USPS CASS Cycle O Certification is here.

Trillium Quality services deploy in batch or in real-time, on-premises or in the cloud, using the same rule sets and standards across an unlimited number of applications and systems. Open APIs let you seamlessly connect to custom and third-party applications, while controlling and managing data quality services centrally from one location.

In addition, you can apply global verification rules built from local, country-by-country databases, and apply the appropriate country’s postal rules to clean and correct name and address data.

“With data quality being managed successfully, nothing now stands in the way of the Porsche CRM.”

CRM Project Manager, Porsche

Delivering a 360-degree view of your customers and more

Successful business is built on loyal customers, but customer information is often limited, flawed, out-of-date, or held in different systems.

To support effective customer engagement, it’s critical to have best-in-class data quality processes that standardize, cleanse, and match this data – that’s what Trillium Quality delivers. By integrating customer information across your organization and applying these processes to global records, you gain the most accurate, real-time view of customers.

By providing fit-for-purpose customer information, Trillium Quality helps you:

  • Drive more targeted omni-channel campaigns
  • Gain deeper, more valuable customer insights
  • Create the personalized experiences your customers expect

This same technology can be applied to any data entity in your enterprise – to build a true 360-degree view of your partners, suppliers, or even parts and products.

To learn more, read our eBook – Exceeding Expectations: Four Ways Data Quality Promotes Customer Loyalty

“Precisely’s solution for identity matching has undoubtedly helped NSSO’s agents of various services by improving
precision and recall of directed search queries. Furthermore, the improved ability to reliably establish links across databases yielded more accurate risk models and fraud predictions.”

Dries Van Dromme, Data Quality & Analytics Consultant, Smals


Faster ROI
Get your machine learning and advanced analytics initiatives off to a fast, successful start
Operational efficiency
Perform data quality processes faster and at scale to help meet critical service level agreements
CRM Integration
Integrate with Microsoft Dynamics & SAP to validate your CRM data
Cloud Deployment
Deploy in the cloud, and we’ll manage the infrastructure

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