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Precisely Trillium


Your business success depends on accurate data. But often, critical business information is trapped in separate silos, recorded in unstandardized formats, and is inaccessible to those who need it most. Inaccurate, incomplete data diminishes the quality of your customer experiences, hinders operational efficiency, and threatens regulatory compliance, ultimately exposing your organization to unnecessary risk instead of giving you the information you need to drive revenue growth.

Precisely Trillium rapidly transforms your tangled data into trusted business information to support data-driven initiatives across your organization. It is a versatile, single solution that provides flexible deployment options, batch and real-time data quality that support rapidly changing business needs, data sources, and enterprise infrastructures. Intuitive self-service capabilities easily extend data quality management to data stewards, business analysts, and other experts who know your business information best.

Built on over two decades of data quality expertise, Precisely Trillium delivers the full power of an enterprise data quality solution, so your organization can quickly gain more value from your business information and improve the productivity of your business and IT teams.

Why Precisely Trillium?

  • Flexible, rapid deployment on-premise or in the cloud
  • Intuitive interface and self-service capabilities
  • Worldwide coverage for over 240 countries, regions and territories
  • Native deployment and execution for distributed architectures including Hadoop and Spark, and any hybrid environment
  • Expert advisory, technical and support services
  • Easy integration with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and data governance solutions including Data360 Govern and Collibra for data governance.

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