Solution Sheet

Precisely Trillium for Data Governance

Precisely Trillium powers the data quality processes that enable data governance, and integrates seamlessly with enterprise data governance solutions to provide data you can trust.

Your business depends on accurate data. Inaccurate, incomplete, inconsistent data diminishes the quality of customer experiences, hinders operational efficiency, and threatens regulatory compliance, ultimately exposing your organization to unnecessary risk, instead of giving you the information you need.

Data governance initiatives seek to solve these problems, and to provide the business with trusted, high quality data that will boost marketing effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and ultimately revenue.

Data Governance and Data Quality Go Hand in Hand

Sustainable data governance requires a solid foundation of quality data. It requires the right people, the right processes, and the right technology to turn raw, untamed data into valuable business insights.

Data governance:

  • Protects your company from risk by actively addressing regulatory compliance — GDPR, CCAR, BCBS 239, Solvency II
  • Provides insight into the data used to drive analytics and reporting and helps achieve a higher level of trust in the key decisions that power the bottom line
  • Streamlines management of data allowing companies to be more agile, to respond quickly and smoothly to the rapid changes in the business landscape
  • Enables each person in your company to identify and locate the data they need to do their job

Many enterprises have a chosen platform for data governance, such as Collibra Data Governance Center or Data Intelligence. These excellent tools integrate tightly with Precisely Trillium for the data quality backbone of governance processes.

Critical First Step

Knowing your data is key. Trillium Discovery lets you access data anywhere in your organization and assess its accuracy and completeness. It provides a user friendly interface to explore your data, and a rich set of out-of-the-box profiling capabilities that go way beyond industry standard.

In addition, business rules specific to your subject area can be entered in natural language and evaluated according to thresholds you set.


Precisely Trillium for Data Governance