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Detailed business, leisure, and geographic features - Identify trends in a specific area and derive actionable insights.

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Coverage for global business

Precisely Points of Interest (POI) datasets are multi-sourced to provide accurate location and company information for businesses, leisure hotspots, and geographic features in more than 200 countries and territories around the world.

Each dataset is cross-referenced to determine relationships and insights, and uses a hierarchical classification scheme to ensure global consistency and ease of use. POIs are classified into over 18,000 categories, including transportation, shopping, public utilities, eating and drinking places, and government entities. With access to over 300 million POIs, you can deepen your analysis with detailed context without the need for geospatial tools or specialized skillsets.

Detailed attribution

Each POI record contains 70 distinct attribute fields related to its location, business profile, and brand affiliation. Location information is provided both as a postal address and latitude/longitude coordinates for flexibility in analysis.

Precisely Points of Interest are updated monthly to ensure information is current and relevant and include detailed business-specific attributes such as name, contact information, and web address. They also provide for deeper analytical insights with revenue, employee, and brand information.

The PreciselyID empowers you to analyze POIs with other datasets related to environmental hazardsdemographics, and property information, giving you a complete and accurate understanding of an area to empower informed decisions around.

Easy enrichment

POIs enabled with the PreciselyID, a unique and persistent location identifier, have been cleansed, standardized, and verified by Precisely’s best-in-class geo addressing. As a result, organizations can quickly enrich records with accurate data while saving processing time and simplifying complex geospatial analysis. With access to a portfolio of over 400 datasets containing more than 9,000 attributes, Precisely customers can increase the accuracy, usability, and overall value of their business data and build context for faster, more confident decisions.

  • Risk Mitigation
  • Navigation and mapping
  • Enhanced access to public transport networks, emergency services, and emergency planning
  • Retail, dealership, and competitive analysis
  • Site location
  • Location-based marketing and “find my nearest” searches

POIs enabled with the PreciselyID are available in US, Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Sweden, and Singapore. More countries coming soon!

Accuracy with Geofences

Geofences delineate the extent of specific stores, venues, and other commercial properties. Each is built from high quality geocodes to ensure accuracy when deploying messaging and services to specific locations.

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Comprehensive analytics

Precisely Points of Interest support business operations and analytics across industries. Combine POIs with your own data to create informative maps, view and analyze trends, understand competitive threats and advantages, and consider opportunities for growth.

This gives you valuable insight into market share for making site selection decisions, analyzing access to services, and understanding provider coverage.

You can also conduct reliable and up-to-date “find my nearest” searches, deploy targeted location-based marketing to customers with accurate geofences, assess property risk based on proximity to other businesses, and draw connections between businesses with a view into their brand structure.



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Company profiles
View detailed information about a business, such as employee count, revenue, and contact information
Brand hierarchy
Understand domestic and global parent company names, contact information, and brand affiliation
Geographic accuracy
Plot points and geofences on a map with confidence using highly accurate latitude and longitude coordinates
Link to other datasets with the PreciselyID unique identifier

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