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Master Location: Take Command with Global Data and Geotechnology

Make better connections with Global Data and Geotechnology

The incremental lift your mobile marketing customers can get from broad targeting (e.g., using a geofence to offer a coupon to nearby consumers) is just the beginning. Global Data and Geotechnology make it possible to glean greater insight from consumers’ real-world journeys, generate highly targeted audiences and boost ad-spend profits. With a rich view of consumer context, you benefit from:

  • Deeper temporal and geographic understanding of consumer behavior and intent
  • Smarter segmentation
  • More effective placement of content, offers and messaging
  • More efficient ad spend precisely

Have smartphone, will travel

Today’s consumers are on the move and they bring their devices wherever they go. They consult their smartphones to learn about products and search for better deals before they buy. Marketers who can reach them with the right offer, at the right time, can win new customers, win loyalty and drive increased revenue.

Ask big questions

A geofence can broadcast offers to anyone who enters a specified radius or polygon, but it can’t tell you anything about who is there, why they’re there, or which brands they prefer.

As a result, ads are often delivered to people who aren’t very likely to make a purchase. To optimize your ad spend, you have to know much more than where people are. Only location intelligence can deliver that context. By connecting data about locations with data about people and places, location intelligence can answer questions that were too complex just a short while ago:

  • What can we understand about the people who are near or at a given location?
  • What offers will those consumers appreciate?
  • How can we target campaigns to maximize impact?
  • Where can we find our best prospects?
  • What are our prospects doing? Where are they likely to go next?
  • What real-world behaviors indicate purchase intent?

It becomes possible to discover deeper patterns and behaviors that can be used to define audiences and develop unique, sophisticated campaigns.

global data and Geotechnology
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