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Business agility with EngageOne™ Compose

Above all, your customers judge you on the basis of their experience. Effective communications are key to delivering the customer experience they desire.

But, how do you ensure that every communication is accurate and personalized to individual needs, and that it always complements and never contradicts previous interactions?

EngageOne™ Compose is a customer communications management (CCM) platform that allows you to easily create personalized communications for delivery at exactly the right times throughout your customer’s lifecycle.

An intuitive user interface means users are up-and-running with minimal training.

Reusable content along with advanced search and analysis means communications are always consistent. Furthermore, they can be updated quickly, while still complying with brand and regulatory guidelines.

EngageOne™ software products from Precisely are part of a comprehensive security program. Learn more here.

Omnichannel engagement

According to research by the CMO Council, 85 percent of consumers agree that their ideal channel is actually a blend of channels, opting for a mix of both digital and physical experiences.

EngageOne™ Compose lets you design and deliver personalized communications across the blend of channels your customers demand.

Beyond design, EngageOne™ Compose manages the delivery of your communications across print, web, email, SMS, iOS and Android push notifications as well as personalized and interactive video. This includes:

  • Reporting on the delivery and open statuses of your messages
  • Automatically remediating message bounces using alternative channels
  • Processes for managing customer replies to your outbound messages

Customer Story – Learn how Wesleyan Assurance has used their customer communications to improve their satisfaction scores

“Precisely demonstrated a deep understanding of what we’re trying to achieve as a customer-focused business. We now have a robust solution for customer communications that’s very easy to use.”

Keith Harris, Planning & MI Reporting Manager, Wesleyan Assurance Society

Governance and compliance

Besides meeting your customer experience needs, you need communications to comply with regulatory and branding needs too.

The EngageOne™ Compose workflow enables project managers to assign auditable tasks to subject matter experts and decision-makers. This delivers easy tracking of template updates as they move through your design and review process. The workflow includes side-by-side comparisons that highlight what has changed between template versions so that you can be confident of:

  • Quality control
  • Accelerated time to market
  • Compliance

Version control gives you visibility of all template changes, insights into those changes and makes rolling back to previous versions easy, whenever necessary.

Built-in asset promotion empowers you to deploy templates across your development, test, acceptance and production environments up to 10x faster.

Experian streamlines processes and boosts compliance

“With EngageOne™ Compose, we can sort personalized data and print as we want. That lets us cut our programming
requirements and greatly simplifies the process.”

Steve Mears, IT Director

Built for the enterprise

When you need to deliver huge volumes of communications quickly, EngageOne™ Compose delivers. Generate bills, statements, explanations of benefits and other high-volume communications with extraordinary speed and reliability.

EngageOne™ Compose integrates with your back-end applications providing business continuity and simplified day-to-day operations.

Templates designed in EngageOne™ Compose can be deployed for batch, interactive and on-demand delivery.

  • Batch processing empowers you to produce highly personalized print and digital communications with unprecedented speed.
  • On-demand deployment provides the use of web services for seamless integration into your internal business systems and customer self-service portals. You can use your latest customer data to tailor and deliver optimal customer experiences instantly.
  • Interactive deployment lets you generate ad-hoc correspondence with speed, consistency and control using adaptive templates that change as users interact with them.
Templates make it quick and simple to create personalized communications


Business agility
Rapidly adapt your customer communications as market conditions and customer needs change
Design and deliver personalized communications across the blend of channels your customers demand
Brand and regulatory compliance with workflows that highlight the changes between template versions
Unprecedented speed and deployment options that support batch, on demand and interactive communications

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