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Customer Story

Wesleyan Assurance Society Improves Customer Experiences

Why Wesleyan Assurance Society chose Precisely

For years, Wesleyan Assurance Society relied on manual processes and hard-coded letters for its customer-facing communications. The business lacked the agility it needed to revise documents quickly in response to customer, product or regulatory changes, making it difficult to keep messaging consistent and demonstrate its market leadership and expertise.

To improve customer experiences and the quality and timeliness of communications, Wesleyan Assurance turned to Precisely to create a more flexible, template-based approach to document composition. As a result, the mutual society is building stronger customer relationships and realizing compliance benefits.

Business Challenge

“The documentation and letters that we send to our members reflect who we are as a business,” explains Keith Harris, Planning & MI Reporting Manager for Wesleyan Assurance Society. “We wanted them to be clear, timely, consistent, and high quality.”At the same time, the company needed to simplify the creation and maintenance of customer-facing documents. Each manual customer letter took up to 10 minutes to generate, with employees pulling information from multiple CRM and policy management systems. Once a letter was hard-coded, change requests could take as long as six months to complete. Wesleyan Assurance needed an easier, more consistent way to create and manage customer communications.

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