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Customer Story

Customer Communication Management Offers Slovak Telecom a Competitive Edge

Following deregulation and rebranding, Slovak Telecom was implementing a new customer relationship management (CRM) and a new rating and billing solution for its entire customer base. The company needed a solution that could be installed quickly, enabling it to make a rapid transition from a regulated market into a market led environment. To gain a competitive edge, the company also needed to produce a new invoice design for Slovak Telecom customers, without exceeding current paper and mailing costs.

The transition from a regulated to market-led environment posed a number of challenges for the company. Most importantly, the company needed a customer communication management (CCM) solution that could be installed quickly and integrate with existing billing systems, print shop hardware, and processes. In addition, Slovak Telecom wanted a new invoice design to help gain a competitive edge.

Through a partnership with T-Mobile, EngageOne Compose software from Precisely served as Slovak Telecom’s invoice formatting system. EngageOne Compose enabled the company to create and manage personalized customer communications for multi-channel delivery. The software made it possible for the company to manage the complete document lifecycle. Now Slovak Telecom can produce standard “flat account”-level invoices of multiple product hierarchies. It can also utilize the budget center level of accounting available in IRB to enable production of larger corporate accounts invoice structures.

The newly designed invoices have also been enhanced through the use of more attractive fonts and other graphic elements, without exceeding the sheet/envelope and mailing costs of the original invoices. EngageOne Compose was used to optimize print files for Slovak Telecom’s existing fulfillment process, which included sophisticated print file manipulation and bill handling. This helps Slovak Telecom minimize the number of oversized envelopes required, while enabling postal code mail sorting, and more.

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