Solution Sheet

EngageOne™ Compose

EngageOne™ Compose helps you engage customers with unprecedented flexibility on their favorite channels.

EngageOne™ Compose for real-time, personalized communications

To thrive in today’s omnichannel and always-connected world, you need to engage customers with relevant communications in real-time. EngageOne™ Compose empowers your business users to create and manage real-time personalized communications across all your customer’s favorite channels.

Seamlessly integrate with business systems, processes & control procedures

Online customer needs are met in real-time with personalized self-service communications tailored to their needs and delivered securely wherever they are – mobile, tablet, desktop or paper.  Similarly, business users can interactively help customers in their moments of need. Timely engagement efficiently personalized to your customer needs increases loyalty and customer lifetime value. The rules-based engine ensures brand and legal compliance in all customer interactions.

Connect with customers at their moment of need

Interactive personalization

Empower business users to quickly create customer-specific communications including estimates, proposals, service confirmations and more. Business rules in EngageOne™ Compose ensure the correct use of logos, disclaimers, legal conditions and communication channels. Easy personalization with real-time data enables business users to create communications that deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Self-service on demand

Deliver customer communications on-demand, anytime and anywhere with exactly the content your customers need and on their preferred channels – print, mobile, email and video. Provide real-time access to statements, reports, usage and other information customers need, 24/7 and always up to date.

High-volume batch

When you need to produce huge communication volumes in a short time-window to provide customers the information they need, when they need it, EngageOne™ Compose delivers. Generate bills, statements, explanations of benefits and other communications with extraordinary speed.

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