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Seamless data access and collection

Connect helps you take control of your data from mainframe to cloud. Integrate data through batch and real-time ingestion for advanced analytics, comprehensive machine learning and seamless data migration.

Connect leverages the expertise Precisely has built over decades as a leader in mainframe sort and IBM i data availability and security to lead the industry in accessing and integrating complex data. Access to all your enterprise data for the most critical business projects is ensured by support for a wide range of sources and targets for all your ETL and change data capture (CDC) needs.

Sources and targets include:

  • Mainframe data: VSAM, IMS, COBOL copybooks, mainframe fixed and sequential files
  • RDBMS: Oracle, SQL Server, Db2 for z/OS, Db2 for i, Db2 for LUW, MySQL, Sybase, PostgreSQL
  • Semi-structured data: JSON, XML
  • Enterprise data warehouses: Teradata, IBM Netezza, Vertica, Greenplum
  • Cloud platforms: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform
  • Cloud analytics: Azure Synapse Analytics, Cloudera, Databricks, Snowflake
  • Big data: Hadoop, Hive, Impala, Apache Avro, Apache Parquet, Apache Spark
  • Streaming platforms: Apache Kafka
  • Flat files: Fixed length, variable length, delimited.
4 Benefits of Precisely Connect: Replicate, Grow, Simplify, Access
Connect delivers unrivaled scalability and efficiency for data replication.
Real-time data replication with CDC

Living in a world of delayed data means making business decisions with old information. You need data replication solutions that capture and reflect data changes to your analytics and reporting layer as they happen. Connect is a highly versatile solution that helps you build data pipelines that share changes to application data as it occurs.

Connect’s real-time replication ensures that databases are in-sync for reporting, analytics, and data warehousing. You can replicate changes as they happen across hierarchical data stores (IMS, VSAM), relational databases, streaming frameworks, and the cloud. Support a variety of architectures and topologies. Connect’s resilient data delivery guarantees that you never experience interruptions in your data flow.

With Connect, worry about your business and not your systems. Get the changes you need in real-time without overloading networks or affecting performance.

To learn how Connect can help you build real-time streaming data pipelines, read our eBook: Streaming Legacy Data for Real-Time Insights

Optimize environments, and maximize performance

You need data integration solutions that help accommodate growing volumes of data, users, and unpredictable peak usage demands. For that, you need predictable performance and scalability. Connect offers both.

Connect is the only solution with a self-tuning engine that dynamically selects the most efficient algorithms based on data structures and systems attributes at run-time. Know that you’re getting the best performance possible, regardless of if a job is on-premises or in the cloud. For ETL processes, Connect users have experienced 10X faster performance and saved hundreds of hours of development.

Connect delivers unrivaled scalability and efficiency for data replication.  Connect minimizes network impact by detecting changes via database and system logs and replicating them downstream. Connect does this all without affecting the applications that still run on those systems.

To learn more, read our eBook: A Data Integrator’s Guide to Successful Big Data Projects

Future-proof data transformations

You need solutions that can help you adapt your infrastructure to changing business and technology needs. Connect helps future-proof your data integration approach for both skills and unknown technologies. Connect makes it easy to integrate new sources and targets with a design once, deploy anywhere approach. You can visually design workflows for on-premises or cloud deployments to Spark, MapReduce, Linux, UNIX, or Windows. You never need to rewrite jobs or invest in new, specialized skills to scale data integration needs.

Connect ensures you do not have to worry about the platform you run on or location where your valuable data resides. Easily import data for hundreds or even thousands of tables living in your databases without wasting manual resources. With Connect, point, click and onboard entire schemas from a database in minutes.

“Integrating Precisely Connect with our Teradata environment was by far the best IT investment for United Rentals in many years.”

Jim Malin
United Rentals

Precisely Connect


Simplify integration
Take a one solution approach to integrate, prepare, load, cleanse, transform and stream data across clustered or cloud frameworks
Data access
Integrate all enterprise data, from mainframe and IBM i to cloud, while keeping secure integrations
Real-time replication
Stream changes to data instantly for use in downstream applications, data lakes and warehouses
Quickly and easily add new sources and targets. Deploy in new environments with no redevelopment required

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