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Connect: ETL from Cluster to Cloud

Connect features a high-performance, self-tuning ETL functionality that delivers speed and flexibility.

Modernize ETL, integrate ALL data across the organization

Connect integrates all data across an organization from RDBMS, mainframe, NoSQL, the cloud, and more. Extract, sort, blend, prepare, transform, and load refined datasets to all major enterprise data warehouses and cloud data warehouses for BI and advanced analytics projects.

Perform a variety of ETL tasks with Connect such as:

  • Connect legacy data – mainframe, IBM i, Teradata, Netezza – to cloud platforms such as Cloudera, Snowflake, Databricks, Microsoft Synapse, and more in minutes
  • Visually design workflows for both batch and streaming data in once interface
  • Leverage complex COBOL and mainframe copy books for metadata and interpretation
  • Get full insight into your data lineage for reporting and compliance even as data volumes and your data pipelines grow
  • Access a wide variety of analytics databases and BI platforms including Snowflake, Teradata, Vertica, Oracle, Tableau, NoSQL
  • Leverage the horizontal scalability of clustered compute platforms like Cloudera, Databricks, Amazon EMR, and Azure HDInsight to scale out ETL process to handle terabytes to petabyte-scale datasets

A faster, simpler way to modernize data pipelines

Users of Connect experience significantly lower cost and complexity for developing and supporting data integration environments. Connect removes the need for costly database staging areas or manual processes. Whether on-premises or in the cloud, on a standalone server or clustered compute environment, Connect processes transformations on the fly and enables you to create data blends for consistent, sustainable performance.

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Precisely Connect ETL Capabilities