Streaming Legacy Data for Real-Time Insights

For businesses with mainframes and other traditional systems, you likely want to incorporate that information into your analytics platforms to gain valuable real-time insights. But streaming legacy data is often easier said than done.

Every business is being hit with tidal waves of data across the organization from different sources. To derive value from the 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day, most businesses have started initiatives around big data and analytics. However, the challenge with big data projects is that most businesses struggle to find the right data to analyze, or they find that by the time the data is extracted, it has already become outdated.

How can organizations solve this problem? Enter streaming data.

Streaming data helps process large amounts of data from many different sources across the business. They help to connect data that drive a variety of use cases from analytics to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Data streaming is now becoming the “secret sauce” of helping businesses to remain competitive within their market through real-time insights.

To have a successful streaming data approach, it’s important to note and understand several key trends that proliferate the market:

  • While most businesses are using streaming data platforms to build out projects, using data streaming for analytics is still a growing application
  • Scaling data integration across the organization is still a challenge – most businesses struggle with data quality, having the right staff in place and data governance
  • There are many options for streaming data from coding to open source; however, there is a lot of confusion within organizations around choosing the right set of solutions that meets their needs
  • Organizations that have successfully implemented streaming data capabilities have seen the benefits of real-time insights and increased ability to meet shortening SLAs
  • Most organizations are creating data integration strategies that do not include the full picture by not connecting legacy platforms such as mainframes to the pipelines feeding their data lakes and enterprise data hubs.

Streaming legacy data: easier said than done

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Streaming Legacy Data for Real-Time Insights
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