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Mainframe Data Access & Integration

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Mainframe Data in the Cloud Age

Bigger Insights & Better Return on Modernization Investments

Mainframe systems are the foundational underpinning of the global economy today. While many analysts have espoused the end of the mainframe era over the last several decades, the mainframe and IBM System Z still power core business functions for the largest enterprises and most vital institutions on earth. Examples of these core processes include banking operations, financial transactions, investments, insurance policies, fraud detection, government benefits and services, inventory management, payroll, point of sale, logistics, supply chain management, and customer account information, to name a few. There is simply no other system today that can provide the type of reliability, scalability, resilience, serviceability, and security the mainframe provides.

At the same time, organizations that rely on the mainframe are building cloud data repositories, data lakes, data warehouses, and other infrastructure to drive analytics. The effectiveness of these key analytic projects will determine which organizations rise to the top in the age of Cloud and AI. For years, many organizations have avoided integrating their mainframe data into these cloud environments. While the reasons for this vary based on organization and industry, we can distill these different reasons down to a single explanation: mainframe data is difficult to work with.

This dichotomy results in many organizations taking the path of least resistance, often building new analytic applications based on mobile data, call center data, web traffic data – everything except for the mainframe. While these data sources provide information on peripheral services, they do not incorporate the core business functions that reside on the mainframe. Without the ability to analyze these core functions, organizations are leaving their single biggest opportunity for new insight and new revenue behind.

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