Discovering the Mainframe for a Single Source of Truth at Northwestern Mutual

If you have mainframe or IBM i systems in your organization, they’re there for a reason – they are part of your critical IT systems. However, they are complex, run by other teams and often siloed. You need these environments in your CMDB for complete visibility – a single source of truth – and to capture critical events for faster problem resolution. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to include these systems in your ServiceNow platform.

Learn how Northwestern Mutual is saving time and money while reducing risk by automating discovery of their mainframes to create a complete, accurate and up-to-date CMDB, and how they can extend the solution to Event Management for dramatically increased service availability.

Topics will include:

  • Benefits of ServiceNow Discovery and the CMDB
  • Challenges of extending ServiceNow to legacy IBM platforms
  • How Northwestern Mutual is creating a single source of truth with the ServiceNow CMDB
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