Geo Addressing and Spatial Analytics

Deliver accuracy with verified, geocoded, and enrichment-ready addresses and power decision-making with location-based context to improve resource allocation, enhanced customer experiences, and a more sustainable future.


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Verify, standardize, cleanse, and geocode addresses to unlock valuable context and derive spatial relationships hidden in your data to reveal critical for more informed decision-making using the Geo Addressing and Spatial Analytics services of the Data Integrity Suite.

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Explore our portfolio of geo addressing and spatial analytics products

Precisely Spectrum Spatial

Turn data into actionable insights with scalable location intelligence

Spectrum Spatial

Spectrum Spatial Routing

Spectrum Spatial Insights

Precisely Spectrum Geocoding

Accurately locate, geocode, and enrich data for enhanced business insight

Spectrum Global Geocoding

Spectrum Enterprise Tax

Precisely MapInfo

Reveal spatial relationships, patterns, and trends with full-featured desktop mapping

MapInfo Pro



Precisely APIs

Power your applications, inform workflows, and enrich analysis with dozens of powerful identity, verification, location, and enrichment data APIs

Precisely APIs

“By increasing the locational accuracy, our catastrophe modeling can now produce more precise results and risk estimations for a myriad of potential perils.”

Nigel Davis, Executive Director
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