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Data integrity empowers your businesses to make fast, confident decisions based on trusted data that has maximum accuracy, consistency, and context

Data with Accuracy, Consistency, and Context

Being able to trust your data for decision-making is a business imperative. But your data must have integrity to be worthy of that trust. It must have maximum accuracy, consistency, and context. However, for most organizations, the ability to deliver on the promise of trusted data seems almost impossible. Data lives in silos, is stale, unstandardized, full of duplicates, incomplete, or lacking the insights required to make it fit for purpose. Overcoming these challenges on the way to data integrity is a journey.

You need solutions that deliver value at every step of that journey. Built on proven technology that is relied on by more than 12,000 customers worldwide, the Precisely Data Integrity Suite delivers unmatched value for any data integrity initiative through market-leading data quality, data integration, location intelligence, and data enrichment capabilities. These core capabilities, combined with deep relationships and integration with today’s leading data platforms, support your every step on the path to data integrity – data that is accurate, complete, and filled with context – so you can build bigger possibilities with your data.

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Virtually every organization lives with a mix of modern and legacy data and increasing data volumes. One of your biggest challenges to achieving data integrity is integrating that siloed data. Manually creating data pipelines that enable data integrity is costly in terms of time and the expertise required to integrate complex data formats. To act effectively, you need a solution that understands a variety of data sources, even the most complex mainframe and IBM i data, out of the box, and can help you connect them to next-gen cloud data platforms.

Whether you’re working with data from business applications or log data, the Precisely Data Integrity Suite’s data integration capabilities enable you to create data pipelines that are flexible, highly performant, and repeatable. With your choice of integration methods, from batch to ETL to real-time change data capture, you can break down data silos and deliver fresh data to decision-making systems, IT operations and analytics platforms, and more.

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As the volume of data increases and the number of systems in a network grows, data quality problems present an even greater challenge to data integrity. Inaccurate, non-standardized, and incomplete data diminishes the potential value of business analytics, even in a best-case scenario. In the worst case, it renders the results invalid. And if you’re training machine learning (ML) models on data with weak quality, you’re giving it a bad education.

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A sound data integrity strategy must be capable of standardizing and validating data, identifying gaps or discrepancies, and triggering workflows and processes to correct those errors at scale. And it must be able to reveal hidden relationships and trends in your data, like look-alikes, ownership, and fraud risk potential.

The Precisely Data Integrity Suite’s extensive data quality capabilities profile, standardize, verify, and validate data. It applies robust intelligence to data matching and entity resolution. And it offers context graphing to help you understand and visualize relationships, patterns, and trends in your data. With the data integrity suite’s data quality features, you can trust that your data is accurate and consistent – the foundation of data integrity.

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Because you can associate virtually every data point in the world with a location in one way or another, nearly every business use case can benefit from location intelligence to reduce risk, better understand customer behavior, and increase efficiencies. Location intelligence adds context to your organization’s data – enabling you to better understand boundaries, movement, and the environment surrounding data related to customers, vendors, store locations, and other entities. And as a result, your business can gain actionable insights to drive better business decisions.

The Precisely Data Integrity Suite’s location intelligence capabilities provide hyper-accurate location insight by organizing, geo-enriching, and visualizing location data with unmatched performance and scale. The PreciselyID, a unique and persistent address identifier pre-associated with addresses, also opens a world of possibilities for data enrichment. With the location intelligence capabilities of the suite, you gain greater data integrity through the essential element of context based on location.

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You know that data is your organization’s most valuable asset. However, when you add trusted third-party data to your internal data, increasing its completeness and adding context, that asset increases in value.

The Precisely Data Integrity Suite offers over 400 up-to-date, curated business, location, and consumer datasets, with over 9,000 attributes, to enrich your data and make it more valuable and complete. Take advantage of data for streets, addresses, boundaries, points of interest, demographics, and more to give context to your decision-making, downstream analytics, and machine learning projects.


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Data is the single most important corporate asset for gaining a competitive advantage. However, data-driven initiatives can only be effective if the data they rely on has the trust of those using it. Maximizing the integrity of the data that will drive your organization’s strategies requires integrating siloed data, measuring its quality, adding location intelligence, and enriching it with 3rd party data. You need a clear data strategy for success, and that means investing in data integrity.

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The Precisely Data Integrity Suite brings together the fundamentals of data integrity with its 7 interoperable modules to deliver unmatched value. Built on proven technology that 12,000 global organizations rely on for their data-driven initiatives, the Precisely Data Integrity Suite delivers trusted data that is accurate, consistent and in context to empower your business to build bigger possibilities with your data.

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