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Customer Story

Comcast - A Single Analytics Solution - A Slew of Business Challenges Solved

By revenue, Comcast Corporation is the second largest broad casting and cable television company in the world, and the largest U.S. home internet and cable television provider. In the U.S., this media giant provides residential and commercial services to more than 20 million customers across 40 states. A company of this size and scope was understandably challenged by the volume and variety of operational and billing data. They not only needed to establish standardized processes, they also needed a flexible, scalable and sustainable solution to automate data flows and overcome a wide range of billing, finance, compliance, supply chain and marketing challenges.

In 2009, massive amounts of data at this media giant were causing major revenue assurance challenges. The customer billing review interface required the processing of a billion records every month, in very tight timeframes. Comcast needed a solution that enabled accurate, fast and flexible data analysis for this business-critical process. Compounding these issues was the company’s decentralized accounting and finance operations, with 20 different regions and 30 different accounting practices.

Comcast was looking for an agile data preparation solution that could natively connect to a wide range of data sources, and join, blend, transform, analyze and publish results into BI visualization tools. They needed a tool that could interface from the billing system to the general ledger, revenue at a customer level, and present accurate data while identifying anomalies in a clear and graphic manner. Their greatest challenge, however, was finding a tool that could handle extremely large data volumes, quickly perform analysis to meet SLA’s and compliance standards, and help Comcast standardize processes across the enterprise.

Comcast considered customizing modules in their existing financial enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to try and solve these challenges but determined that forcing an improvised solution was like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. After exploring both internal and external options, Comcast chose Data360 Analyze as an enterprise solution for data preparation and analysis for its scalability, flexibility and ability to quickly handle, control and accurately present revenue information.

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