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Customer Story

Accelerated Reporting using Data360 Analyze

This multinational telecommunication had regulatory requirements for a telephone number address project which required special considerations for internal and external management. Managing telephone number ranges in ordering systems was going to involve months of requirement development, coding and testing in Oracle. They had separate solutions for initial clean-up and ongoing maintenance were required and were looking for a way to create accelerated reporting.

They were looking for an agile solution that can be used for accelerated reporting with both clean-up and ongoing processing with limited requirement development. They chose Data360 Analyze which is the fastest way to aggregate and organize large amounts of data to uncover valuable insights across business units. Easily access, prep and analyze quality data through its intuitive browser-based architecture.

Read more about how this telecommunications company accelerated reporting by reduced preparation time from 6 months to 3 weeks and how Data360 Analyze supported rapid development and scenario testing.