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Customer Story

Telecommunications Company Accelerates Data Migration

This telecommunications company has a comprehensive services portfolio which provides broadband Internet, fixed telephone and mobile device services, and television and on-demand entertainment for millions of customers across residential, business, government and wholesale markets.  With rapidly advancing technology, the company identified a pressing need to update its core legacy systems for billing and operations. For this data migration, they needed a fast and efficient approach that would ensure business continuity and protect data integrity through the process.

As the company updated its legacy billing support system (BSS) and operations support system (OSS) to modern data center applications, one of the biggest tasks – and source of potential problems – was migrating data from the legacy system to the new one. Every application formats data differently, and ensuring data integrity as data is moved and transformed is critical to preserve business continuity and safeguard regulatory compliance.

A traditional approach would use an SQL process to translate formats from the legacy system into the requisite new system formats. But this customer needed to consolidate hundreds of terabytes of transaction data from several legacy applications into a single new system. Developing an SQLbased solution would take too long, and verifying the accuracy of the data migration would be nearly impossible.

For such a large and complex project, the company required a scalable solution with analytical capabilities to assess data quality, identify errors, uncover root causes and prioritize fixes according to potential impact on revenue or customer experience.

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