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A single platform to design and deliver personalized, interactive communications across Video, Chatbots, Email, SMS, and PDF

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Make the complex simple

In a world where global spending on digital transformation is on track to reach $2.3 trillion by 2023, your company needs to keep up to have any chance of succeeding. But with consumer demands constantly changing, how can you drive superior digital engagements in the most streamlined and efficient way?

Using a unified, digital engagement platform, EngageOne™ Communicate empowers business users to create data-driven, meaningful engagements with their customers. In a single, user-friendly environment, anyone can easily create and deliver personalized, and interactive engagements across video, chatbots, email, SMS, and PDF while leveraging data from existing sources across all these channels.

Backed by Precisely’s leading data integrity solutions, EngageOne™ Communicate is the only platform of its kind that powers confident business decisions, turning trusted data into engaging customer interactions.

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Data-driven personalization produces better results

Modern businesses must elevate CX to the level of customer obsession, as today’s customer places more importance on their experience than on price or product when it comes to brand loyalty. Personalized communications that demand action are proven to outperform those that are generic.

EngageOne™ Communicate makes it simple to personalize communications with an easy approach to data management for all communication types – via easy file upload or through Spectrum OnDemand to access the most up to date information from your systems of record. Easily set conditions in your messages, so that specific content is shown only to recipients who meet the right criteria – strengthening that 1-to-1 customer relationship while simultaneously increasing upsell opportunities through better targeting.

EngageOne™ Communicate makes it easy to use integrated data for more personalized communications.
A single platform for operational efficiency

As digital adoption grows, organizations typically have 20+ different systems/touch points to reach customers. EngageOne™ Communicate helps businesses shift to the next generation – a single, multi-channel, SaaS platform that allows businesses to reach their customers on their digital channels of choice, without adding multiple tools to an already crowded tech stack.

EngageOne™ Communicate is a user-friendly, no-code, SaaS platform that combines digital channels that consumers prefer email, SMS and emerging digital channels such as chatbots with live takeover, and personalized, interactive video. Through a unified approach to templating and design, data management, delivery, and analytics, EngageOne™ Communicate empowers business users to collaborate with technical specialists to drive business objectives. Minimal oversight is needed to promote timely and on-budget completion of customer service, support, and communications. Additionally, if your users do need more assistance, our EngageOne™ software team can act as an extension of your own team, helping with those more technical capabilities or advanced design skills if needed.

When your channels work together, you can provide a consistent experience, while saving time and money by eliminating those siloed platforms and manual processes.

A unified platform for more streamlined processes.
Measure success with analytics and reporting

EngageOne™ Communicate makes it easier and faster for business users to understand how their communications are performing. By integrating all your communication types into a single platform, those crucial results now also appear in one location.

While the specific metrics are different for each communication type (ie email opens, video views, chatbot issues resolved, SMS delivers), all follow a similar user interface, keeping your experience consistent without needing to relearn reporting systems as you move from one communication to another. You can also customize to your specific reporting needs by filtering and downloading data for further analysis.

Key information at the top with engagement charts below provide full detailed analytics of all communications.


EngageOne™ products from Precisely are part of a comprehensive security program. Learn more.


Design with ease
Built for the business user to design professional digital communications for any channel
Easily incorporate data to personalize communications for a better customer engagement result
Channel Mix
Personalized and Interactive Video, Chatbots, Email, SMS, and PDF – all in one easy-to-use platform
Measure and analyze success in a single place for all communications

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EngageOne™ Communicate

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