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Smart Insights: Personalizing Customer Engagement

Increase sales and improve customer service with an integrated customer communication strategy

Today’s customer expects to be treated as an individual. To be successful, companies must deliver personalized, digital, customer engagement that improves their experience, anytime and anywhere they want to interact. According to our research, 73% of customers say they won’t hesitate to leave for another brand if they don’t receive the seamless experience they expect.

However, organizations typically have many different systems and touch points, and as digital adoption grows, more are being added every year. So how can businesses achieve that one-to-one personalization customers desire, if their technology and data are in disparate places? Adoption of digital customer communications tools needs to shift towards the next generation – a single, multi-channel, SaaS platform that allows businesses to reach their customers in an omnichannel way. In fact, this was cited as the #2 investment priority for 2021, second only to data integrity technology.

At Precisely, we are the architects behind the accuracy, consistency, and context of your data. And with our EngageOne™ portfolio, we put that data into action, enabling clients to create data-driven, personalized, interactive engagements with customers.

EngageOne™ Communicate is the first digital communications platform of its kind that simplifies the complex. We’ve streamlined communication design, personalization, analytics, and channel mix, making it easy for business users to design and deploy personalized email, SMS, interactive video, chatbots, and PDFs…all from one platform.

Baked into the DNA of EngageOne™ Communicate is the simplification of the complexities of personalizing digital experiences. In talking with clients and prospects, we saw them struggling with designing engaging communications on different channels and understanding how those experiences were actually performing. Both marketers and customer service reps were looking for better, more streamlined ways to operate to meet their customers’ growing demands in an increasingly digital environment. No matter what channel your customers want to use, you need to be ready to meet them there, and EngageOne™ Communicate can help make that happen.

Read this report and learn why you need a plan for personalized digital engagement and how to simplify your integrated customer communication strategy.

Personalizing Customer Communications
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