Analyst Report

An Integrated Platform for the Future of Customer Communications

Leveraging highly personalized communications to deliver better customer experience and secure better business growth.

Over the last year, we have witnessed unparalleled digital acceleration in customer communications as consumers rapidly engaged with companies online and demanded highly personalized experiences to simplify decision making and expedite actions and processes.

As companies embark on engagement initiatives to improve customer experience, enriching the communications they send to customers has taken on paramount importance. The effort to improve customer engagement has extended to all manner of communications, including service-related messages that have the most impact on long term retention. Every interaction – from service to marketing – must be personalized and easy for consumers to quickly glean the information they need.

In this document, we will examine how the last year has reshaped the market and then explain why customized communication tools have become so important. Finally, we will take a closer look at one such tool, the EngageOne™ Communicate platform from Precisely.

An Integrated Platform for the Future of Customer Communications
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