Auto Dealers

Auto Dealers database is a polygonal spatial dataset that captures the physical extent of an automotive dealership. The data shows the primary building footprints within each dealership lot. Additional attributes include alternate dealership names, dealership brand affiliations, and U.S. geographic references.


  • Mobile marketing and geo-advertising - Auto dealership geofences provide marketers with spot-on analytics that can more accurately assess how targeted audiences respond to their messaging, for example, whether or not a customer engages an offer or chooses a competitor
  • Site selection - Auto dealers, leasing companies, and property management companies can conduct location-based analyses using auto dealership boundaries in conjunction with additional boundary and contextual datasets. Insight into variables like average home income, proximity to shopping districts and nearby neighborhood locations can help clarify property investment value


  • Provides boundaries and data attributes for over 40,000 auto dealer buildings and lots for both franchise and independent dealerships
  • Includes a change table detailing adds/deletes/changes from last release
  • Updates quarterly detailing where changes and coverage expansion have occurred


  • Multi-sourced for a comprehensive overview
  • Includes where vehicles, sales, and service areas are located, as well as overflow lots
  • Provides building footprint polygons for the most significant buildings on each lot
  • Gives a latitude/longitude coordinate for each dealership lot boundary
  • Includes automotive brand IDs for each unique brand sold and serviced by the dealership
  • Provides contact information including address, phone, and URL
  • Shows franchise/independent identification for dealerships



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