Settlement Spaces

Settlement Spaces helps explain the increasingly diverse housing characteristics of consumers. The typology accounts for critical housing-related characteristics, independent of many population characteristics typically associated with geodemographic segmentation systems. The result is an actionable, data-driven understanding of how households live in an urbanizing economy.

This Precisely Settlement Spaces data provides population density and housing data to better understand changes of how households live


  • More accurately measure dynamic changes in population over time, for a better understanding of your customer base
  • Drive better-informed marketing decisions
  • Optimize site selection modeling for future expansions


  • Accounts for a wide range of relevant variables, including:
  • Population density
  • Commuting patterns
  • Housing tenure
  • Building type
  • Dwelling size
  • Offers twelve settlement space types with geographic, economic, and social significance
  • Numbers each space according to the average population density of all the block groups that comprise it


  • Developed with input data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the American Community Survey
  • Includes a block group to settlement space match-up file that correlates the two geographies using estimates and projections data
  • Provides a benchmark file with the estimated number of households, total population, and number of households by settlement space broken down by several geographies



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