Context Demographics

Context Demographics provides U.S. Census and American Community Survey data projected onto Precisely polygons for a deeper understanding of the demographic makeup of specific geographic areas.

This large volume dataset is separated into three files categorized as Households, Population, and Property:

  • Households: household profiles created from 115 factors on ethnicity, family/non-family, total income, and language spoken
  • Population: population profiles created from 170 factors on ethnicity, education, employment field, occupation type, and method of travel to work
  • Property: homeowner/renter profiles created from 103 factors on homeowners, renters, housing units, mortgages, rents, expenses, vehicles, and burdens


  • Understand the demographic makeup of a specific geography
  • Develop detailed market profiles
  • Identify population characteristics in a particular neighborhood
  • Inform site selection projects and advertising campaigns


Context Demographics is aggregated at the following geographic levels:

  • Carrier Route Boundaries
  • Census Places (IPs/CDPs)
  • Neighborhood Boundaries
  • Residential Boundaries
  • School Attendance Zone Boundaries
  • ZIP Code Boundaries



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