GroundView Demographics

GroundView datasets deliver vital socioeconomic information within a geographic context for a deeper understanding of current and potential markets. It includes information such as household income, race, and consumer spending habits.

The thousands of variables included within GroundView allow clients to glean insights about current and potential markets down to the block group level, and better execute intelligence-based marketing, planning, and expansion strategies.


  • Improve customer acquisition rates and reduce costs
  • Identify cross-sell opportunities and increase retention
  • Inform communication strategies, building strong and profitable customer relationships
  • Build a clearer picture of customers
  • Understand the makeup of markets
  • Identify new potential locations


GroundView Demographics delivers valuable insight on your customers, providing thousands of variables related to:

  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Affluence
  • Income
  • Housing
  • Local business summaries
  • Purchasing behavior
  • Ethnicity
  • Financial assets

Available Datasets

  • GroundView: Household Income
  • GroundView: Household Financial Assets and Wealth
  • GroundView: Housing
  • GroundView: Consumer Vitality
  • GroundView: Business Summary – NAICS & SIC
  • GroundView: Consumer Expenditure Potential
  • GroundView: Retail Sales Potential
  • GroundView: Settlement Spaces
  • GroundView: Family
  • GroundView: Population
  • GroundView: Update Profile
  • GroundView: Socio-Economic
  • GroundView: Population by Hispanic/Non-Hispanic
  • GroundView: Population by Race
  • GroundView: Complete



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