Context Walkability

Context Walkability summarizes the level of accessibility to leisure, amenity, and other points of interest when walking. Each walkability score is calculated using complex algorithms that factor the complexity of street intersections, speed limits, types of roads, length of time and distance to walk to points of interest.

Walkability is scored in three ways:

  • Overall score: walkability scores to general points of interest
  • Amenity score: walkability scores to amenity points of interest, such as retail stores and hair salons
  • Leisure score: walkability scores to leisure points of interest, such as restaurants, parks, and museums
Walkability: Measure Accessible Points of Interest in a Specific Area


  • Measure how accessible points of interest are in a specific area
  • Understand the amenties available in a neighborhood
  • Inform site selection projects and advertising campaigns
  • Develop communities based on existing access to amenities


Context Walkability is aggregated at the following geographic levels:

  • Neighborhood Boundaries
  • Residential Boundaries
  • School Attendance Zones
  • ZIP Code Boundaries



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