Email Append

Engage with prospects across channels with access to comprehensive email data that includes multiple emails per customer. This is complicated by the fact that on average today’s consumers have three email addresses each. Email Append includes identity markers that simplify identity resolution, enabling you to fully reach your audiences.

Email Append gives you the tools to see which emails are associated to which consumer. Appends can be performed by inputting an email to return name and address, or inputting name or address to return an email.


  • Extend marketing reach
  • Perform identity resolution


Possible Inputs:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email addresss


  • Unique address identifier
  • Name
  • Business name
  • Email
  • Email suppression code
  • Match score
  • Matched category


  • Ingests feeds from opt-in email sources
  • Additional data contact points for improved identity resolution
  • Cleanses and parses name and address data using proprietary tables and algorithms
  • Validates against identity graph



United States
Release schedule
Monthly, Quarterly
Unit of sale
Per matched record or as a custom data extract

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