Reimagining Data Quality: Key Modern Considerations

According to a recent Gartner survey, 62% of respondents consider data quality the top priority in data and analytics initiatives but only 27% of practitioners completely trust data. Do these statistics align with how you feel about your organization’s data? If so, how can you boost confidence in data, and ensure you can trust it for fast, confident decision-making? It’s time to take away the doubts about your data and reimagine data quality. After all, the quantity of data we create and manage continues to explode, with no signs of slowing down.

Watch this fireside chat on-demand as we explore how technology advancements are requiring us to reimagine data quality. We’ll cover the many benefits of this modern approach, including how these advances enable you to:

  • Harness the explosion of artificial intelligence and machine learning to move faster and gain the biggest ROI
  • Improve data quality efficiencies with hybrid cloud operations
  • Empower new users to onboard and ramp up initiatives faster
  • Break down data silos with a modern data catalog and easily access the datasets most relevant to your needs – so you can get to analysis and reporting faster
Reimagining Data Quality - Key Modern Considerations
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