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Enable public and private sector organizations to deliver critical infrastructure asset management which maximizes operational efficiencies and enables smart, connected communities

Maximize assets today; plan for tomorrow

Tomorrow’s infrastructure, from highways and utilities, to campuses and buildings, will look much different from today. Yet, today’s budgets still need to be geared to managing aging assets while efficiently planning for the future and ensuring the right balance of capital investment and operational expense.

In a new era of sensors, mobile devices, Internet of Things (IoT), and smart cities, every organization that manages assets is on a path to becoming more connected, going on a journey from foundational asset management, to intelligent, smart approaches. Intelligent infrastructure management integrates sensor technology and location-based data with traditional asset management operations to empower businesses and the public sector with the insight to make informed decisions on repair, maintenance, and investment.

Asset owners and managers such as tech-savvy mayors, transportation managers, and heads of place want solutions that not only support the immediate needs of managing field crews for maintenance and repairs, but the ability to predict costs and estimate how services can be enhanced. The result will be a more efficient use of funds and a more informed team of stakeholders. Solutions like Confirm from Precisely take a data-driven approach through a flexible asset management platform which enables a single-view of assets and the ability to make decisions through intelligent analytics.

The advantages of being a data-driven asset management organization , such as increasing opportunities for citizen satisfaction and optimizing the lifecycle of infrastructure, depend on being able to ingest, manage, and analyze data in a flexible, consolidated way. The objective is then to be able to monitor the condition of every asset and make swift decisions based on an understanding of the impact of maintenance strategies and predicted future costs.

A cloud infrastructure scales to your needs, streamlining mission-critical business workflows and enabling flexible deployment options. This approach coupled with an interactive dashboard solution provides an intuitive user experience to easily access and share information, and deliver insights to those making project decisions.

With Confirm, a cloud-based solution from Precisely, your data is always at hand, whether that’s a detailed view of asset locations and their real-time condition acquired through IoT devices, or operational information relating to updates on field assignments. Data and reporting are available in a single, secure platform.

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Many government agencies or private organizations want access to authoritative and complete information. This often starts with a fundamental inventory of assets.

Unlike other platforms, Confirm from Precisely has an asset register that is not constrained by the type or number of assets monitored. You can record the location, specifications, condition, and operational information of any asset, and add any attribute. Saving all these details in a single, easy-to-manage, secure data repository makes a significant difference, enabling users to easily access data based on asset condition, forecasted over time, and based on various budget and treatment options. Users can quickly model changes to see the impact of multiple scenarios, realizing the benefits of:

  • Proactive and reactive maintenance
  • Work crew management and scheduling
  • Work order costing, billing, and invoicing
  • Contract management
  • Financial systems integration
  • Comprehensive status reporting and dashboards
  • Integration with contractor systems
  • IoT-connected asset monitoring

Discover how Edinburgh City Council has made the move to intelligent infrastructure management.

Mobile technology is dramatically changing the face of infrastructure maintenance. Legacy business applications can be replaced with new intuitive, easy-to-use software for mobile devices. Making the most of this to deliver the most recent information instantly to work crews and managers becomes a valuable opportunity. This creates the ability to deliver scheduled or ad-hoc condition surveys, capture and update detailed asset data, and include photos via mobile devices, thus enabling efficiency and accuracy in task deployment and survey feedback.

It’s also important for workers in the field to receive assignments via mobile devices through a simple user interface that focuses attention on the assignment context. An intuitive and easy-to-use map interface lets schedulers incorporate detailed information about location and resource availability into their scheduling decisions.

A complete view of work orders and crews supports prioritization and avoids duplicate and missed assignments. Alerts, dashboards, and automated process management enable proactive management of critical crew tasks. Activity timelines provide insight into work crew performance allowing schedulers to improve job allocation techniques and the productivity of field work crews.

Lean how Confirm from Precisely works to help local governments smooth out roadway maintenance processes.

Empowering intelligent decisions

As the possibilities of smart places and cities become a reality by connecting various services and IoT sensor data into a single platform, the bottom line for asset owners still surrounds tasks such as fixing roads, reducing congestion, and securing a safe, liveable environment. As organizations move from foundational asset management to intelligent, smart asset management, software is needed to both support current requirements and enable the connected places of tomorrow as the scale of data availability grows exponentially. Precisely provides enterprise, cloud-based solutions, that streamline how information related to your infrastructure is captured, stored, and managed today, and in the future. Now you can make intelligent, data-driven decisions on repairs, maintenance, and investments, handling every task on time and on budget.

Managing Public Infrastructure Assets

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