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Help your organization integrate the data profiling and business rule results needed for effective data governance and regulatory compliance in Collibra Data Governance Center with Precisely Trillium

Integrating data quality with Collibra

Many enterprises have chosen Collibra Data Governance Center to support their data governance initiatives, such as identifying data stewards and business terms, defining policies and regulatory compliance, or tracking data governance issues.

Understanding and trusting your data is critical — whether to ensure compliance with regulations like CCAR, GDPR, or CCPA, enforcing privacy policies, or unlocking insights for a competitive advantage.

However, data governance is incomplete without insight into actual data content and compliance to defined business rules. Incorporating data profiling and business rule results is critical for data stewards to assess compliance to policies and standards.

Trillium Discovery seamlessly integrates with Collibra Data Governance to deliver the visibility you need to ensure your data is fit-for-purpose and business-rules compliant. With Trillium Discovery for Collibra, you get unprecedented visibility into the health of your data – including a data quality scorecard – right in your Collibra dashboard.

Trillium Data Governance - Precisely

Driven by increasing numbers of data sources, data volumes and pressing compliance mandates like GDPR, data governance is top of mind for many Chief Data Officers and governance teams charged with protecting critical data assets. Sustainable data governance requires a solid foundation of quality data rules based on defined policies and standards to continuously measure and monitor critical data elements.

Whether addressing compliance requirements (such as GDPR, CCAR, BCBS 239, Solvency II, and CCPA), internal policies, or delivering insight into the data used to drive analytics and reporting, data stewards use Collibra Data Governance Center to define this critical information. Trillium Discovery synchronizes with Collibra Data Governance Center to provide the data profiling and business rules that generate data quality metrics. Data stewards use these metrics to verify compliance through their Collibra dashboard views.

Learn how Precisely Trillium for Data Governance helps address a multitude of challenges to ensure effective compliance with data governance policies and provide greater insight to your business.

Data impacts all areas of the business, including business strategy. Your business success depends on governed, trusted data for the right insights. But as data volumes grow, it becomes a significant challenge to understand, measure, monitor, and govern that data, including ensuring that your business users can find data of the right quality that is fit-for-purpose.

Trillium Discovery provides robust, scalable data profiling to get a complete view of data content and quality. Additionally, it includes highly configurable and simple-to-construct business rules to measure and monitor data quality over time against the data quality dimensions you deem important.

Through automated and synchronized bi-directional integration with Collibra Data Governance Center, Trillium Discovery provides the ability to continuously monitor and refresh data quality metrics associated with your business policies and standards.

With a data quality foundation for data governance, data stewards get the visibility they need to establish a trusted data-driven business.

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Data quality and data governance go hand in hand

Data quality and data governance share a ‘symbiotic relationship’. Data governance needs appropriate data quality tools to not only clean the raw data, but to illustrate data errors, peculiarities and issues, in order to help compile the best standards and monitor the data quality against policies for critical data elements over time.

Precisely partnered with Collibra to make industry-leading data validation and data quality monitoring capabilities an integrated component of the Collibra Data Governance Center.

Whether focused on compliance efforts such as AML, CCPA, FATCA, GDPR, HIPAA, KYC or other regulatory requirements – or focused on value-creating business initiatives – data quality not only strengthens data governance compliance, but also empowers the best business decisions.

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