Creating Synergy for Data Governance and Data Quality in Collibra

Driven by increasing numbers of data sources, data volumes, and pressing compliance mandates like GDPR and CCPA, data governance is top of mind for many Chief Data Officers.

Data governance is intended to provide the framework, structure, and practices to help organizations focus on two primary outcomes: how to address these risks and how to achieve the value desired from all of their data – considerations that are at the top of mind for senior leadership.

As organizations seek competitive advantage through data-driven decisions, they are simultaneously working to incorporate ever-growing volumes and variety of data to identify new revenue and growth opportunities – all while ensuring that they protect the data of their customers and clients and address relevant regulatory compliance requirements. Yet as expectations around data increase, trust and confidence in data have decreased, creating a significant challenge for organizations.

Data governance as a holistic framework is about the set of policies, processes, rules, roles and responsibilities that help organizations manage the corporate effort to best utilize and manage data. Governance helps to answer questions like: How do you define the key outcomes for your business? What goals are you trying to accomplish to meet those outcomes as you’re working with data? How do you establish trust in data to support business decisions? Based on regulations and policies, how do you manage and protect those assets? And how do you ensure the employees of your organization understand the challenges and responsibilities in managing these data assets? Data governance as a practice helps ensure the availability, usability, integrity, accuracy, compliance, and security of data to meet your business outcomes and objectives.

A governance framework has multiple components. One part of that framework is data quality. Data quality is a much more focused component. It’s about the processes and specific rules that help ensure that your data is really fit for purpose. Data quality is not some isolated set of criteria but is guided by your data governance requirements and policies.

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Ebook: Data Governance and Data Quality - Creating Synergy in Collibra
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