Product Information Management

To turn casual shoppers into loyal buyers, you need more than just stellar products – your tech platforms are instrumental to success.

Aggregating and managing product content across all business applications creates seamless and differentiated experiences that drive your business, enabling you to compete and thrive.

Power better customer experiences and incremental revenue with a strategic approach to product information management (PIM).

Product Information management

Compete and Thrive

Power agile omnichannel business models and great product experiences.

EnterWorks PIM

Cohesive, cross-channel product experiences

Product Information Management (PIM) is a necessity for companies wanting to stay ahead of their competitors.

The ability to quickly deliver product content that’s complete, on-brand, accurate, and contextualized for customers across sales channels and locations, is crucial. But if creating such a seamless omnichannel experience sounds impossible, let us make things easier for you.

As a PIM and flexible data hub, our solution combines automation, syndication, and data quality capabilities to ensure that your team has everything they need to:

  • Convert shoppers into buyers by crafting compelling, contextualized stories and offers, and making your products easier to find
  • Get to market with more speed by quickly syndicating data and automating key processes to operate with more agility – no coding required
  • Make better decisions by aggregating product intelligence in one place, and analyzing data from cross-domain and third-party sources

The benefits can be felt throughout the enterprise, impacting employees across Brand/Product Marketing, Operations, e-Commerce/Digital Marketing, and Business teams that collaborate with outside vendors and suppliers.

Explore more of what our enterprise-grade solution has to offer, and how it can be your key to unlocking new levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Meeting digital demand

Customers today demand a rich shopping experience, and are more likely to make a purchase when they can view photos, videos, and manuals.

Simply put: the more visuals, the better.

For organizations, that means finding a way to centralize and manage unstructured digital content, just like other data domains. Whether for print or online, cross-channel consistency is critical to enhancing the customer experience and driving sales.

Our all-in-one Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution makes this easier than ever, while enabling you to:

  • Localize digital assets for markets, brands, or languages
  • Reduce the costs and complexity of redundant digital asset storaged
  • Drive compliance and correct usage of digital assets
  • Track and report on content usage

Using this single source for enterprise-wide digital assets and data, you’ll also be able to link product, item, brand, asset, and other criteria. These data relationships are bi-directional, meaning users can quickly determine which products are associated with a specific document or file, and make critical business decisions – fast.

Better collaboration today, greater customer satisfaction tomorrow

Thanks to high customer expectations that only continue to climb, member groups and industry associations are becoming increasingly engaged – they’re enriching product information to help address gaps in content quality, to provide all of those details that today’s customers expect.

Luckily, there’s a market-leading, tailor-made Product Information Management (PIM) software for these groups.

When strategically deployed, a PIM solution can be transformative – enhancing the ways that members collaborate and compete with high-quality, customer-centered offers.

Our market-leading PIM software delivers countless benefits, with highlights including the capabilities to:

  • Obtain and validate product data
  • Embed or enable data pools
  • Create enriched content and attributes
  • Generate up-to-date product data, images, and descriptions

Not to mention, access to the lowest total cost of ownership, an easy-to-use UI, the fastest go-live times in the industry, integrated Digital Asset Management (DAM) – and much more.

Product Information management

“The EnterWorks platform is best suited to help us achieve information and technology excellence while driving both efficiency and revenue growth.”

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