Automate Evolve

Automate Evolve is the only automation platform designed to digitize strategic data processes—like product launches, customer/ vendor onboarding, GL account setup, and plant maintenance.

Be more agile with a flexible, extensible solution architecture

With Automate Evolve, you can support the different SAP process and data needs of your regions, product lines, or business units in one workflow solution—giving you maximum flexibility and enabling you to digitize faster and make a greater impact.

Our platform also enables you to build modular solutions and expand your automation footprint over time. And because Automate Evolve is designed for business teams, you can modify your automation solutions quickly and easily without calling on IT or expensive external resources—a benefit that enables you to keep pace with a dynamic business landscape while reducing IT spend.


Enterprise-grade automation

Build flexible workflows that can handle complexity and keep pace with a dynamic business landscape

Robust data stewardship

Get data right the first time and keep it right with an extensive range of data stewardship capabilities

Deep SAP integration

Get to value fast with rich out-of-the-box SAP capabilities that go beyond simple data connectivity

No-code, low-code software

Make an impact at scale and be more agile with software designed for business teams

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“Nothing else compared to it, and we were very, very happy with our decision to use Precisely Automate.”

Jill Edge, Master Data Analyst

Handle multiple records with patented SmartTables

Enable business teams to work faster and get more done by using our patented SmartTable technology. SmartTables enable business users to create or update multiple related records in a single form—while enjoying all the data stewardship capabilities inherent with web forms—like required fields, smart form logic, role- based web views, and field standardization. You can import data from an Excel workbook directly into a SmartTable to speed up the data entry process.

Automate Evolve Business Rules

Automate Evolve Process Linking

DEMO: New Product Introduction with Automate Evolve

Digitize complexity with dynamic process linking

Build solutions that dynamically kick off the right processes and sub-processes to collect and approve data or complete tasks across multiple data objects. This powerful functionality enables you to digitize complex multi-layered processes, like product launches and customer or vendor onboarding. With this powerful capability, you can collect centralized data and handle plant, sales org., purchasing org., and other extensions and decentralized data in a single solution.

Get some quick wins with
Excel-to-SAP automation

Automate Evolve includes Automate Studio, our market-leading Excel-to-SAP automation platform. People like business analysts, SAP super users, and master data professionals can use Studio on their desktops to quickly build SAP-enabled Excel workbooks that enable business users to create or update SAP fast or run operational reports.

With this powerful platform, your organization can get some quick wins while you are digitizing your more complex strategic data processes. Business teams can quickly automate tasks like sales orders, invoicing and pricing updates, as well as automating the creation and maintenance of master data en masse.

Automate Studio enables you to improve data quality by building in data guardrails to ensure data coming into your systems is right the first time.

Automate Evolve Journal Entry

DEMO: Automate Evolve Enterprise Journal Entry

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