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Automate Evolve - A Process Automation for Strategic Data Assets

Which type of process is Automate Evolve designed for?

Although Automate Evolve can automate any business process, it’s designed to digitize a specific class—one where process and data are interdependent. We call these strategic data processes.

Characteristics of a strategic data process:

  • The data supports critical business processes
  • Getting the data wrong has costly consequences
  • Collecting data is complicated and involves many teams
  • The data is complex and can span many objects
  • There’s a high volume of data create/change requests
  • The data, business rules, and processes:
  • Vary across business units and geographies
  • Are subject to audit
  • Must be compliant
  • Change frequently

Unique capabilities
We’ve honed our platform to handle the rigors of automating complex data-intensive processes. Explore our unique set of built-for-purpose features you won’t find in any other process automation or data management platform.

Handle multiple records with patented SmartTables
Enable business teams to work faster and get more done by using our patented SmartTable technology. SmartTables enable business users to create or update multiple related records in a single form while enjoying all the data stewardship capabilities inherent with web forms—like required fields, smart form logic, role-based web views, and field standardization. You can import data from an Excel workbook directly into a SmartTable to speed up the data entry process.

Discover how this no-code, low-code platform enables you to drive results at scale, become more agile, and transform digital into a competitive advantage.

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