Leverage the Power of ServiceNow® for Mainframe and IBM i

This eBook explores how the implementation of Ironstream for ServiceNow makes it possible for ServiceNow’s AIOps-driven Event Management to seamlessly access mainframe and IBM i data for the very first time.

Outages & sluggish applications can impact revenue

When IT services go down, so does the business. Yet, the task of maintaining high availability and avoiding performance degradation is more challenging than ever.

Poor visibility into IT operations has come about due to an explosion of data and the infrastructure that generates, stores and processes it. Multiple stacks – on-premises data centers, the cloud (private, public and hybrid), containers, virtualization, software defined compute,hyper convergence and more – breed complexity.

To make matters worse, vital information resides in silos. IT is forced to hop between disparate applications to piece together the reason for a slowdown or the underlying cause of a snowstorm of alerts. It’s an uphill battle resulting from too much data, out-of-date information and a general lack of business context.

That’s why service degradation has become so difficult to overcome. Yet the consequences can be devastating. Outages and sluggish applications not only impact employee productivity, they reduce customer satisfaction and ultimately lead to lower revenue.

ServiceNow for mainframe and IBM i

IT Operations Management (ITOM) tools on the ServiceNow platform offer a powerful way to keep the business up and running.

ServiceNow encompasses a range of ITOM disciplines: service management, operations management, performance management, help desk, incident management, problem management, change management, configuration and event management. It consolidates disconnected monitoring tools into a unified view of the enterprise. This puts IT in control of the environment and engenders better decision making.

ServiceNow Event Management incorporates sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning techniques to sift through vast quantities of events and alerts to sort out the important from the routine. Events are correlated and prioritized, and alerts are generated that call attention to those requiring immediate action. This takes event management to a whole new level.

Yet there remains a missing element that is vitally needed to bring about comprehensive event management. Although ServiceNow monitors data from the bulk of IT systems out of the box, this doesn’t include IBM i and IBM mainframe systems – leaving organizations with a blind spot. Since many services and workflows pass through these mission-critical systems,failing to take them into account can lead to incorrect decisions, faulty troubleshooting, downtime and lowered productivity.

Download this eBook to see how Ironstream makes it possible to seamlessly access mainframe and IBM i data in your ServiceNow environment.

Leverage the Power of ServiceNow for Mainframe and IBM i: AIOps-Driven Event Management
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