Precisely’s mission is all about integrity – data integrity, but also the integrity of our people. To act with integrity is to act with a moral compass – a compass that’s guided by our values of openness, determination, individuality, and collaboration. Integrity is always at the forefront for how we behave and for how our decisions are guided. It’s how we include diverse thought within our organization and how we champion individuality so that our colleagues can show up as their true self each and every day.

As a company created by the combination of myriad legacy companies, we’ve spent years bringing together people with different backgrounds, different cultures, different identities, and different experiences. It’s our diversity and inclusivity that makes us who we are and what drives our commitment to honoring Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging in everything we do.

DEI&B is constantly evolving, therefore Precisely will always remain curious about the growing DEI&B landscape and how we can evolve and shape a future that’s more inclusive. It’s why we commit to always celebrate our differences as much as our similarities. It’s why we commit to inclusion of every single human being — to be a company with integrity, to be a company that lives its values.

“As human beings, it’s our similarities that help us connect with one another. However, it’s navigating and celebrating our differences that deepens those relationships. One of Precisely’s core values is individuality because we believe that what makes us different, makes us stronger. It’s our engrained respect for diversity at Precisely that I believe makes us unique, and it’s the reason why everything we do promotes the equity, inclusion, and belonging of every individual we work with.”
Josh Rogers,
Chief Executive Officer