MapRevealTM software

Make faster, more confident decisions by adding context to business data with easy-to-use spatial analytics and web mapping

Quick and powerful spatial analytics

Easily understand geospatial relationships so you can understand your competitors and make decisions that:

  • increase customer satisfaction
  • drive new business
  • address risks that could impact your business


Powerful spatial analytics capabilities

Identify prime locations, assess risks, reveal opportunities, and power growth with an array of advanced tools

Easy access to actionable information

Empower business professionals at all levels to explore and map data at the speed of curiosity

Sophisticated field data collection toolset

Replace paper-based workflows with intuitive, map-driven data collection processes to fulfill the unique needs of your mobile workforce

Flexible deployment

Choose to implement as standalone software or access capabilities via API

Location intelligence isn’t rocket science

In the past, working with spatial data required specialized tools, advanced systems, and expert users. Even with those tools and skills, location-based insights often stayed within specialized departments – preventing businesses from using location intelligence more widely and effectively.

That’s what makes MapReveal™ software a game-changer. With this highly intuitive view of challenges and opportunities, business users across your organization can seamlessly move from “what happened” to “how,” “why,” and “in what context.”

DEMO: Site selection with MapRevealTM software

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Accelerate confident business decisions with expertly curated data

Data fuels location intelligence. Yet, according to InfoWorld, most professionals spend about 80% of their time finding, prepping, and managing data. That leaves only about 20% of the workday for applying data to business operations – an inefficient and unideal scenario.

But what if you could flip that ratio and drive tangible business outcomes?

Precisely makes it possible. With our comprehensive library of enrichment data for MapReveal™ software, along with additional data products, you’ll have the resources you need to remove the burden of sourcing data and speed up your time to insight.

Fuel better analysis with the ultimate data collection toolkit

Urban planning, annual inspections, or tree marking – every field workflow is unique. That’s why you need to customize your data collection forms to capture the most critical information.

With MapReveal™ software, you boost efficiency and eliminate manual processes with the ability to easily preconfigure forms and equip your mobile workers to collect data in real time with coordinates, photographs, notes, and markups.

You can then visualize and publish your data findings on a web map to ensure everyone – mobile workforce and office staff alike – will benefit from the same level of location intelligence.

Mapreveal mobile views

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