Ironstream for Splunk®

Integrate critical security and operational machine data from mainframe and IBM i systems into Splunk for a complete view of your IT environment

Comprehensive operational intelligence in real-time

You rely on Splunk’s IT analytics dashboards to manage IT operations, security, regulatory compliance, and more. But Splunk doesn’t integrate with mainframe and IBM i systems, leaving a glaring blind spot.

Ironstream makes it simple to securely collect, transform and forward log data from these traditional IBM systems to Splunk, where it’s merged with machine data from across your infrastructure.

Ironstream delivers real-time, total visibility, without the need for redundant, siloed tools, or specialized IBM mainframe or IBM i expertise.

Comprehensive, powerful insights are at hand as users can easily search, analyze and visualize the data from all your enterprise systems in one location.


Complete visibility

Get a 360-degree view of your infrastructure and eliminate blind spots

Enhanced security

Protect your organization from enterprise-wide security threats and incidents

Improved operations

Spot problems before they start, resolve outages quickly, and optimize infrastructure spend

Faster insights

Deploy quickly and start sharing critical, real-time insights across the enterprise

Enterprise security and regulatory compliance

Splunk is a powerful platform for monitoring, integrating, analyzing and visualizing security data from across the enterprise. It’s critical to include the mainframe and IBM i in this comprehensive view.

Ironstream continually collects security data from a wide range of IBM mainframe and IBM i sources, transforms it, and forwards it to Splunk in real-time. Once in Splunk, you’re able to analyze the information in the context of your overall enterprise IT infrastructure.

Access patterns, authorization failures, user behavior and other security-related information from these platforms helps you detect and prevent potential security breaches no matter where they occur.

With Ironstream for Splunk, you can also quickly and easily identify deviations from security best practices and maintain an audit trail to satisfy security officers and auditors.

Ironstream for Splunk

View security metrics in a standard Splunk dashboard.

Operational insights and efficiency

Splunk’s powerful IT operations analytics platform helps you optimize the performance and availability of IT systems and applications, while controlling IT costs and resources.

Mainframe and IBM i systems have been left out of most Splunk environments because the machine data they generate is unique and requires specialized skills to work with. Ironstream makes it easy to see the bigger picture by ensuring this important information isn’t left out.

Ironstream collects and feeds IBM mainframe and IBM i logs to Splunk, ensuring that critical machine data for the entire IT landscape is available in a single tool. Once all your data is in Splunk, you can examine it in depth to predict, prevent, and fix problems fast. These insights also help you reduce costs by optimizing your data centers.

Better design and integration for better results

Ironstream was developed in partnership with Splunk to solve the challenge of making complex mainframe and IBM i data available for true enterprise-wide analytics. It’s a robust and highly scalable solution, yet lightweight and easy to configure, install, and use.

With Ironstream for Splunk, you can focus on the most meaningful insights for your organization, with simple but powerful data type, subtype, and field-level filtering. You can also take advantage of WHERE processing for selective data forwarding.

Quickly realize the value of including your IBM data in Splunk with Ironstream’s catalogue of pre-built, customizable Splunk dashboards, data models, and starter packs.

And, if you’re using Splunk Enterprise Security and IT Service Intelligence, you can increase the value of these apps by integrating mainframe data with Ironstream.

Ironstream for Splunk

See the health and status of mainframe services in Splunk IT Service Intelligence.

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Ironstream for Splunk®

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