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Customer Story

Fender Rocks Product Content with Precisely EnterWorks

From modest beginnings in the 1940’s to the cultural icon it is today, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation reaches music lovers all around the globe−from beginners and hobbyists to acclaimed artists and performers. Fender serves its customers through a worldwide dealer network, thousands of products, and over 100,000 digital assets that help bring its instruments and musical memorabilia to life.  Fender realized that consistently providing high-quality product content was paramount in supporting their customers’ evolving purchase journey.

The company faced a myriad of challenges based on one core issue: The company’s fundamental source of information came from an outdated product information database that carried a long list of limitations. With so many products and unique attributes scattered across channels, the lack of consistent and quality data was an ongoing source of frustration. But the challenge didn’t stop there. Historically, the company displayed only current products in its catalogs and websites. Consequently, non-Fender sources began gathering data, which was often incorrect, on discontinued “legacy” products.  The result? Fender was no longer the product information author for its own legacy items, distancing the company from its goal to foster long-term brand affinity.

A shift was needed. The organization set its sights on elevating a “customer centric” experience, including extending its ecommerce presence.” To accomplish this goal, they needed a flexible, user-friendly system to effectively master and govern information and assets for their breadth of products, brands, and customers. Additional variables added to the complexity, including differing needs across catalogs, price lists, websites, and product release announcements.  In addition, the system would need to handle global requirements including country-exclusive products, translations, and back office systems. To add to the urgency, Fender faced a short implementation timeframe. Though a tall order, the Fender team was ready to amp up their global reach with PIM.

“Fender wanted to play to an even larger audience, so we picked EnterWorks.” – Michael Spandau,
CIO and SVP Global IT, Fender

The company needed to rock some new product content, so they implemented the Precisely EnterWorks PIM and Master Data Management (MDM) solution. With a fast deployment, Fender had a live solution in just weeks. The EnterWorks PIM/MDM system provides Fender with a “single view” to manage core product data, imagery, service/warranty documents, product display rules, product release packages, price lists, product compliance information and syndicates this content to global B2B and B2C e-commerce platforms.

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