EnterWorks PIM Overview

Experiences Enabled across B2B, B2C, and B2B2C Value Chains

In the digital age, enterprises face an unprecedented demand for rich product content and differentiated experiences. Meanwhile, the longstanding challenges of catalog production, product launches, order management, supply chain, and regulatory compliance persist as constant pressures.

The EnterWorks Product Information Management (PIM) platform helps B2B and B2C companies solve their product data challenges with a single source of truth across systems, channels, and internal/ external audiences.

With its groundbreaking Agile Data Fabric™, EnterWorks PIM helps businesses drive dramatic sales and margin growth through differentiated experiences and discrete views of everything shared with suppliers, partners, customers, and marketplaces.

Architecture is the key to innovation.

Simply stated, architecture is key to innovation – particularly in businesstobusiness-to-consumer (B2B2C) models with complex commerce interactions.

“For eBusiness professionals, marketers, and product owners,
product data is far more than just IDs, SKUs, descriptions,
digital assets, and copy. All attributes related to the context
of the product need to be part of the product master data
model. Gathering all these attributes from internal and
external data sources and assembling them in a contextual
manner is where PIM comes in. PIM is where their products
come to life.”1

Forrester Research

The EnterWorks architecture allows businesses to master the complexity of digitally accelerated environments while enabling rapid adaptation and integration of emerging technologies that are required to compete.

EnterWorks PIM Highlights

  • Innovation: Leadership in PIM technology including a 100 percent cloud-ready platform; an agile SOA / micro-services architecture; and the ability to enable future artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and machine learning (ML) through the use of EnterWorks architecture with open APIs.
  • End-User Empowerment: The platform can be configured, managed, and continuously updated by business users. This accelerates business user adoption, whether at headquarters or across the global operations, and achieves the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) among PIM platforms.
  • Fastest Time to Value: The ability to implement EnterWorks in 90-days accelerates business value and return on investment.
  • B2B2C Enablement: Delivers necessary capabilities for end-toend collaboration across the value chain, whether a company is a producer, value-added provider, or end seller.
The Forrester Wave™:
Product Information Management Solutions, Q2 2021
EnterWorks “is especially strong in data management and
customer support, with consistent customer validation in
both areas.”
“Reference customers feel its PIM delivers on expectations for
user experience, data model flexibility, and syndication, but
its biggest strength is the level of partnership [EnterWorks]
dedicates to its customers.”2

The EnterWorks Advantage


  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Fastest go live times in the industry
  • Dynamic Data Modeling
  • Content Lifecycle Management
  • Scalability and Performance
  • Enterprise Workflow/BPM Engine
  • Full-Featured DAM
  • Purpose-built apps



  • Configurable
  • Easy-to-use UI
  • Unparalleled support
  • Multiple Deployment & License Options
  • Expertise in post implementation services


EnterWorks is 100% Web-based and requires no coding. The solution is highly scalable to support a wide variety of scenarios, users, and attributes.

EnterWorks Critical Capabilities

A key benefit of EnterWorks PIM is the ability to serve as a product insight hub for your business, as well as ensure your products are meeting the needs of consumers, trading partners, and regulatory agencies.

EnterWorks PIM provides a 360-degree solution for the onboarding, cleansing, synchronization, and publication of product data. Its business-driven approach concentrates on designing a data model to your specific business challenges.

  • Powers a content repository with unlimited data attributes
  • Manages complex relationships between products and category/hierarchies
  • Delivers time-phased pricing management
  • Offers roles-based views tailored to each user with security and audit logs for accountability
  • Applies specific business rules for consistent, accurate sources of product content
  • Enhances searchability across attributes, facets, images, and text
Get Value-Driven & Trusted Product Content

EnterWorks is a comprehensive solution that aggregates and manages product content across all business applications. EnterWorks will customize and acclimatize content for every channel and preview it in the context, exactly like your customers would see it.

“EnterWorks is a good fit for large organizations looking for a multidomain solution to support digital and physical product data needs.”3


EnterWorks PIM enables companies to tell compelling and contextual product stories and deliver a consistent and satisfying experience – all of which are key to winning customer satisfaction, loyalty, and the sale.

Manage Any Unstructured Data
EnterWorks has built-in DAM tools for managing images, videos, audio, documents and more. Teams can import metadata from images, configure custom metadata fields for cross-sell/upsell opportunities, and automatically generate multiple image formats and resolution for print and online use.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

EnterWorks PIM features full-fledged DAM that makes storing, categorizing, and managing images, documents, templates, audio and video files, and other product-related data easier than ever. Any data stored in EnterWorks can be manually or programmatically linked to a product, item, brand, or other criteria set by the customer.

  • Link relationships bi-directionally so users can quickly identify associated products and files
  • Import metadata and configure custom metadata fields for cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Automatically generate multiple image formats and resolution for print and online use
  • Incorporate documents, images, audio and video files into your content assets
  • View images through user-friendly search and browse features
  • Leverage other DAM products that you may have installed in your company

Dynamic Data Model

Dynamic Data Modeling capabilities allow organizations of all sizes to easily manage flexible, extensible, and open data models (both structured and unstructured). Through a user-friendly model, EnterWorks PIM provides business users with unparalleledflexibility to update and manipulate information without affecting the core data.

Furthermore, the data model can evolve as business requirements change in response to opportunities and competition.

  • Establish and evolve complex hierarchies and relationships for ongoing business needs
  • Support industry, geography, and customer-specific requirements
  • Manage an unlimited number of attributes and associations (product, vendor, brand, artist, etc.)
  • Create a personalized view of product content while securing product data at the attribute level
Evolving Data Model
EnterWorks is 100% Web-based and requires no coding. The solution is highly scalable to support a wide variety of scenarios, users, and attributes.

Workflow & Collaboration

EnterWorks PIM offers an enterprise-class Workflow Engine not found in other content management or publishing solutions. The platform allows organizations to model best practices and modify them as requirements change, as well as automate the interaction of people and systems. EnterWorks doesn’t rely on hard-coded workflows that require you to adapt your business processes; its simple drag-and-drop interface lets business and technical users
collaborate to rapidly model even complex business processes.

  • Enforce Data Governance (data quality, stewardship, taxonomy, naming conventions, etc.)
  • Manage data and content through a drag-and-drop browser-based user interface for collaboration between business and technical users, internal and external users
  • Graphically display the flow of activities for proactive management and intervention
EnterWorks Workflow Engine provides the “kinetic energy” that underlies the applications that leverage mission critical product content.

Automate Routing of Tasks
EnterWorks provides drag-and-drop workflow tools to outline the tasks and responsibilities for different roles involved in the content management process, set deadlines and escalation paths for specific tasks, and monitor the status of processes and resolve bottlenecks with graphical monitoring.

EnterWorks Workflow Engine provides the “kinetic energy” that underlies the applications that leverage missioncritical product content.

Ensure a Consistent Omnichannel Experience
EnterWorks helps ensure correct, brand-sanctioned information is available across all online sites, print catalogs, store displays, kiosks, mobile apps, and more. This gives the consumer confidence in purchasing the products, no matter the channel.

Syndication & Publishing

EnterWorks PIM provides functionality to effectively synchronize and syndicate information to deliver a consistent and differentiated experience to customers. Syndication tools enable organizations to synchronize products, attributes, and assets in bulk. The content can be configurable for multiple markets and languages. Business users can leverage workflows to automate the process and take full advantage of industry standards, like GDSN, GTIN, and CIC.

Reference customers feel its PIM delivers on expectations for user experience, data model flexibility, and syndication, but its biggest strength is the level of partnership [EnterWorks] dedicates to its customers.”4

  • Generate per established criteria and automatically customize to recipient requirements
  • Select, extract, and syndicate product data and automatically feed content to print or web catalogs, graphic or publishing tools on a scheduled or ad hoc basis
  • Use Adobe® InDesign and QuarkXPress plug-ins for streamlined design processes


EnterWorks PIM supports multi-lingual, multi-country, and multi cultural content. With the PIM platform, organizations can automatically generate localized output files and publications to support global growth and satisfy product regulations specific to geographies.

  • Manage business user profiles according to an organization unit, language, and country
  • Match customers with localized product descriptions, pricing, and shipping considerations
  • Support B2B2C global accounts with global and local contractual and buying terms
  • Enable company representatives with both global and local branding content
  • Integrate with local content syndicators and marketplaces
Regulatory compliance is a compelling use case for EnterWorks PIM – it helps ensure that a company’s relevant business rules and procedures for data entry, taxonomy, categorization, and other parameters are enforced in order to ensure precision in information around regulated products and how those regulations differ across geographies.

Consistent Product Content
EnterWorks supports the localization of product content, including languages/dialects, measures, currencies, etc. based on market and/or region. The user interface can be displayed in multiple languages.


EnterWorks offers interactive, custom-branded Marketing, Sales, Dealer, and Vendor Portals for shared content development within and across enterprises.

  • Users upload, manage and approve their own and/or central product information
  • Develop localized sales and marketing collaterals or microsites
  • Open to trading partners, distributed company locations, field staff, and franchisees
  • Create parameter-driven validation rules and workflows for reviews and approvals
  • Integrate externally through Web Services /API-based messaging and direct data links
Fast and Easy Product Introduction
EnterWorks Portals allow organizations to create an onboarding workflow that enforces data standards for its suppliers and notifies internal teams about new product introductions, missing data and other triggers that may need attention.

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