Automate Studio

Automate Studio is the premier Excel-to-SAP solutions platform that enables business users to automate complex SAP business processes and make mass data changes quickly and easily.

Enable business users to run SAP processes easily and securely from Excel

Training every functional employee to use SAP, or finding temporary workers with SAP experience can be a difficult and expensive exercise. Automate Studio eliminates this challenge by enabling business users to run and manage SAP processes simply and securely from Excel. Once a script is created, it can be deployed to specific users, departments or groups who can execute them from within Excel. And because Automate Studio adheres to all SAP security, user and business rules, you can rest assured that there are no unauthorized activities happening in your SAP system. Finally, Automate Studio helps minimize the impact of mass SAP data queries on system performance by placing limits on who, when and how much data can be extracted by users.


Data creation

Creating new master data (materials, vendors, customers, etc.) or transactional data (journal vouchers, invoices, etc) in SAP systems

Data maintenance and transformation

Mass changes to SAP data throughout your ERP system for activities ranging from vendor updates to pricing changes and more

Data migration

Loading legacy systems data into SAP applications during initial SAP implementation or for M&A activity and migrating data from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA

Data integration

Loading Excel data from other sources into your SAP ERP system or from SAP to other systems. Data such as vendor invoices or bank statements to name two

Automate data posting to SAP

With Automate Studio, posting data to your SAP system is as easy as 1-2-3. Our simple three-step – record, map, run – process enables you to quickly create test and deploy automation scripts to drive greater SAP data management efficiencies throughout your SAP environment. For complex, multi-step data management tasks, Automate Studio allows you to chain scripts together, eliminating the need to manually implement each step. And with every Automate Studio script you can validate your data against SAP. Once the data has been validated, you can make corrections and updates before posting to ensure higher data quality.

Automate Studio data validation and verification features

DEMO: Material master data creation with Automate Studio

Automate Studio Reporting

DEMO: Query Data from SAP to Excel

Simplify data extracts and reporting

Extracting data from SAP to make mass data changes or for reporting purposes can be cumbersome, and error-prone when the primary method for doing these tasks is manual. With Automate Studio, extracting data from SAP is easier than ever. You to create ad-hoc reports from real time SAP data. And you have the flexibility to select data from multiple SAP tables, infosets or logical databases in order to get the exact data you need for your task. For even greater flexibility, Automate Studio has the ability to schedule queries and map data to multiple file types, including Excel and Access, giving you the freedom to create the reports you need to build your report, or complete your data management task.

Manage SAP application data more efficiently by using BAPIs

The Direct functionality in Automate Studio is designed to leverage built-in SAP APIs, or remote function modules to improve automation performance. In addition, Automate Studio can also use BAPIs for SAP data creation, extraction and updates. These direct capabilities deliver superior performance for dedicated SAP business and IT teams where the automated process is less dependent on business users and requires faster, more consistent performance.

Automate Studio BAPIs RFMs

DEMO: Use Automate Studio to Simplify the use of BAPIs and RFMS

“Its ease of use means we can create and update scripts without involving IT, reducing the strain on IT resources.”

Grégory Russo, SAP Solution Manager

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