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How Healthcare Payers are Driving More Satisfying and Productive Member Communication

Better outcomes are within your reach, achieve productive member communication

When members trust that you understand and have their best interest at heart, they listen to your counsel and follow your lead. Engaged members enjoy better health outcomes, while spending less for care. Healthier and happier, they’re more likely to stay with your company and report higher levels of satisfaction. That may sound obvious. Yet some payers engage more successfully than others. They’ve uncovered what it takes to deliver more productive member communication. They build on relationships that start at enrollment, employing technologies and best practices that boost key metrics.

It all starts with onboarding

For healthcare payers, every year presents a new enrollment challenge and opportunity. At onboarding you will make a first impression that will set the tone for the year. It’s a chance to start fresh conversations with all your members. Welcome kits are often that first touch point, and they now span channels from physical to digital…meeting new members where, when and how they want to interact.

Many industries now realize that the welcome experience is the most critical touchpoint for optimizing outcomes. This is the era of consumerism, and expectations for a positive experience are high. However, welcome kits are often not particularly welcoming. Despite their friendly tone they undermine their goals by overwhelming new members. Wouldn’t it be great if each welcome kit could be accompanied by an in-person, one-on-one onboarding session at the member’s request?

What payers need is a cost-effective way to replicate the experience a member would have if he or she could sit down with their best customer service representative. Let’s consider what the elements of that experience would be. You need to be conversational, relevant, consistent and keep the conversation going.

Engage members to drive results

  • Increase enrollment and retention
  • Reduce contact center costs
  • Lower claims costs
  • Maximize government reimbursements
  • Improve quality ratings
productive member communication
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