What’s New in Assure MIMIX 10

Assure MIMIX, the leader in IBM i high availability and disaster recovery, keeps your mission-critical business applications running continuously and protects your data from loss. Precisely has recently delivered a new release of Assure MIMIX 10. This new release Assure includes even better support for IBM i customers operating in Cloud, Hosting and Managed Service Ecosystems.

Assure MIMIX 10 provides a new simplified pricing and licensing model built to support the needs of today’s IBM i systems whether they are on-premises or in the cloud. In addition, there are several new capabilities that are designed to make Assure MIMIX an even better solution for IBM i users needing a powerful HA solution.

Join us on this on-demand webinar to learn about the new Assure MIMIX 10 licensing changes as well as:

  • Faster, more intelligent synchronization
  • Automated configuration capabilities
  • Enhanced recovery operations
What's New in Assure MIMIX 10
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