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Assure System Access Manager

Take Control of Access to IBM i Systems and Data
The days when the IBM i was an isolated platform communicating through proprietary protocols are gone. Modern IBM i systems are highly connected through standard network and opensource protocols. This opens a wide variety of access points to the worldwide hacker community, who recognize the high value of data residing on an IBM i.

Assure System Access Manager, is a true global access control platform with a flexible, powerful, data-centric approach to securing access to your IBM i. Using IBM i exit point technology, Assure System Access Manager gives you control of a wide range of system and data access points, including:

  • Network protocols such as FTP, ODBC, DDM, DRDA, NetServer and Telnet
  • SQL statements such as STRSQL, RUNSQLSTM, RUNSQL, *EDRSQL and embedded SQL
  • CQE usage such as RUNQRY, WRKQRY, QQQQry and OPNQRYF
  • File opens using QSH, STRSQL, DSPPFM, UPDDTA and others
  • System and user commands issued from a 5250 session or remotely
    • Sockets
    • Jobs
    • And more

How Assure System Access Manager Works
Assure System Access Manager primarily uses exit point technology to detect access attempts to your IBM i systems and data, determine whether to accept or deny them, and optionally log those decisions and trigger actions.

Read the solution sheet to learn more.

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