Validate the Accuracy, Quality and Timeliness of Data to Drive Business Value

An abundance of data is all well and good, but it can deliver true business value only if you can trust it. To achieve positive business outcomes, the accuracy, context, completeness, consistency, and timeliness of data must be governed at every step of the way. In this webinar, you’ll find out how to:

  • Govern only the right data: Strategically identify the data assets that impact KPI’s, objectives and business goals for all teams to focus data governance on what truly matters. And discuss how you can find data on esoteric and emerging risks for a competitive edge
  • Build engagement: Motivate strategic leaders, operational and tactical teams with visibility into how their individual KPI’s and goals are being enabled by data governance
  • Integrate vendor data into your systems: Discuss the importance of transparency when it comes to using data from 3rd parties and use sound data governance to avoid erroneous data creating the wrong history, whilst simultaneously navigating the regulatory framework
  • Define the value of data governance: Identify, and publish metrics that quantify the return on investment of your data governance program to enable better operational performance, risk mitigation, and advanced analytics
  • Hear best practice for cultural adoption: Leverage the culture of your organization to socialize, evangelize and celebrate adoption success stories to build enterprise-wide engagement and collaboration

Speakers include:

John Lucker, Chief Strategy & Analytics Officer, EVP, Universal Shield Insurance Group
Ashok Krishnan, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, AXA XL
Zahid Kamal, Data Governance Lead, Central Insurance
David Woods, SVP, Strategic Services, Precisely
Moderator: Rob Galbraith, Author & Speaker, The End of Insurance as We Know It

Validate the Accuracy, Quality and Timeliness of Data to Drive Business Value
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