Unlock Cost Savings for your IBM z Systems Environment

For many larger enterprises, the pressure to squeeze more performance out of existing mainframes, while avoiding or deferring major upgrades, is a top priority. Routine sort processing tasks such as sort, copy, merge, and compression take up a large and disproportionate share of CPU processing time and related mainframe resources. They are thus obvious areas to examine when seeking relief from mainframe cost and performance pressures.

When evaluating potential solutions many organizations want to “try before they buy” to ensure strong ROI. We have developed tools to help you understand your batch processing and calculate your expected ROI.

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear about:

  • How our Syncsort MFX solution drive cost savings
  • What a “try before you buy” evaluation looks like
  • How to analyze results for your specific situation

Unlock Cost Savings for your IBM z Systems Environment
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