Understand Wildfire Risk – Insurance Opportunities with Cutting-edge Wildfire Determination

How will my specific policy locations be affected by a wildfire event? Are you able to operationalize historic and current wildfire data to answer these questions? How your policies may be affected due to wildfire activity can help you quickly review and price new policies while ensuring that exposure is adequately covered.

Spectrum Global Geocoding with the PreciselyID, and Wildfire Risk, provides access to industry-leading accuracy for home and commercial address locations when reviewing historical and real-time, wildfire events.

Join this webinar to learn how to streamline business processes in underwriting, risk selection, and claims processing.

Register now and learn more about:

  • Operationalizing wildfire data for underwriting and claims
  • New wildfire behavior analysis that includes fire burns from 2017-2019 (house to house ignitions)
  • Wildfire behavior at 30 Meters
  • Incorporated hyper-accurate wildfire analytics
Understand Wildfire Risk – Insurance Opportunities with Cutting-Edge Wildfire Determination
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