The State of Data Quality 2024: Results of the Latest TDWI Maturity Model Assessment

Data is a critical foundation of modern business. Organizations rely on trustworthy data for diverse applications, including decision support, advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

In TDWI’s research, data quality management is often at the top of the list of enterprise strategic priorities. Keeping data of high quality is fundamental to unlocking its value. Users require that this precious resource remain fit for every possible use, where fitness refers to its trustworthiness, accuracy, completeness, reliability, and relevance.

Join TDWI’s Fern Halper as she presents the results of TDWI’s most recent maturity assessment on the state of data quality in the enterprise. Discussion topics will include:

  • How mature are enterprises’ data quality management practices?
  • What is the level of organizational commitment to data quality in today’s business world?
  • How should organizations staff the technical and business roles necessary to maintain robust data quality?
  • What are the most important metrics of data quality and how should organizations collect and report them to stakeholders?
  • What platforms, tools, and infrastructure should organizations implement in order to scale, automate, and govern data quality?
  • How should organizations incorporate data quality management discussions into their data literacy training programs?
  • How should organizations address responsible concerns—such as data privacy, data ethics, and data bias mitigation—in their data quality management practices?
The State of Data Quality 2024 - Results of the Latest TDWI Maturity Model Assessment
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