Streamlining third-party collaboration with secure PIM access

To compete and thrive in a digital-first economy, companies must deliver exceptional experiences across touchpoints. Demand for the choice and flexibility of multi-channel engagement exposes today’s B2B and B2C consumers to more options and tailored interactions than ever before. To operate with the agility needed to facilitate these seamless, engaging omnichannel experiences, suppliers and vendors need the same access to high-quality product information as your internal teams.

A strategically deployed vendor portal enables secure, real-time access to validated PIM data and digital assets—ensuring up-to-date, compelling collateral is always a click away. If done correctly, this can streamline product onboarding and collaboration with external partners to expedite time-to-market. Join us for a closer look at providing secure PIM access to external parties.

Topics covered will include:

  • Accelerating processes and reducing manual effort
  • Avoiding implementation pitfalls
  • Tips for working with suppliers and vendors to ensure successful adoption
Streamlining third-party collaboration with secure PIM access
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